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Everything you can download here is only for Windows. If you need something to run on a different OS, go check the developer's page to see if there are any download options for different platforms.


To prevent the webpage of being blocked due to false positive virus detections, every file is encrypted with a super secret passcode.

Password: evilgames


You'll also need 7-Zip for unpacking.



7-Zip (v16.04)


(De)compress .7z archvies.

32-bit | 64-bit | Website





Ghosts'n Demons (v1.7.3)


Ghosts'n Goblins remastered.

Download | Website



Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto. The first one.




Grand Theft Auto 2


Grand Theft Auto 2. The second one, obviously.




Mari0 (v1.6)


Super Mario X Portal with up to four players simultaneously.

Download | Website



Mario Forever (v2.16)


Fan made Mario game in 16 bit graphics. Version 2.16 is the shit.




Super Mario Blue Twilight DX (v1.04.1)


Another fan made Mario jump 'n run.




Super Mario Bros. X (v1.3.0.1)


Yep, another fan tribute. This one's got coop and a big ass community for custom episodes.

Download | Website



Secret Maryo Chronicles (v1.9)


One classic Mario clone. In our download, the background music isn't missing.

Download | Website



Super Mario War


Crazy multiplayer chaos with Mario and his friends.




Street Fighter X Mega Man (v2 EU)


A Mega Man crossover. The only fan made game that has been authorised by Capcom.

Download | Website



SuperTux (v0.5.1)


You don't need a plumber to jump around. A penguin can do that just as well.

32-bit | 64-bit | Website



TMNT & Battletoads


A free crossover of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Battletoads by kmilloz.

Download | Website



Zelda Classic (v2.50.2)


The very first Zelda game remade with a bunch of optional improvements.

Download | Website





Turok 2: Seeds of Evil – Music Patch (v2)


The music patch fixes a lot of issues (background music missing, invisible enemies, crashes...) on newer windows systems (Vista and newer). Copy the files into the install directory (usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acclaim Entertainment\Turok 2).

Download | Website




Nintendo Home Consoles

NES Emulator Pack (25 Feb 2017)


Multiple emulators for emulating the Nintendo Entertainment System.




SNES Emulator Pack (28 Feb 2017)


Some SNES emulators.




N64 Emulator Pack (25 Feb 2017)


Multiple emulators for Nintendo 64 games.




GoldenEye 007 & Perfect Dark Mouse Injector (25 Feb 2017)


N64 emulators that have been customized specifically for GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. There's also a Mouse Injector, which allows you to play the games with native mouse support. Beware: The 60 FPS build changes gameplay.

Download | Original | Carnivorous Edition



Dolphin / Ishiiruka Dolphin (25 Feb 2017)


For emulating Gamecube and Wii games. Besides a stable version of Dolphin (v5.0), there is also a newer but unstable one (v5.0-2612) and a custom build called Ishiiruka Dolphin (v900) packed in. The latter supports async shader compilation for eliminating stutters during gameplay.

Download | Dolphin | Ishiiruka



Cemu (v1.7.2)


Emulating the Wii U and it's library.

Download | Website




Nintendo Handhelds

Game Boy (Color / Advance) Emulator Pack (26 Feb 2017)


Multiple emulators to get Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games to run on your PC. Certain emulators or builds got link capabilities built in (like TGB Dual, VBA-Link, VBA-M).




DeSmuME (26 Feb 2017)


Works for Nintendo DS games like a charme.

Download | Website



Citra (26 Feb 2017)


Emulating 3DS games? Yeah, that's actually possible.

Download | Website